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Benefits to Valued Clients

The company's expertise in technological recycle of e-Waste and treatment of all the pollutants in an environmental safe manner that complies with local, national and international regulations, is instrumental for the security of the environment. The leadership and all the staff at VANS believe in owing this t tomorrow's world


  • On-site Data Security & Destruction
  • Reverser Logistics Management & part of clients Take Back Programs
  • Create better value and sharing profits
  • Transparent Recycling benefits greater Traceability and Accountability
  • Extract and Extend Life of the e-Waste helps to keep material under CIRCULAR ECONOMY
  • Enhance Companies Corporate Social Responsibility and be part of Green Initiatives and Green Economy
  • Be part of clients Extended Producer Responsibility
  • Save Energy, Save Planet
  • Complete Product Life Cycle Journey Report with Mass Balance
  • Be part of Govt. Initiatives like "Clean India & Zero Impact to Environment"
  • Shared Responsibility helps to create Awareness and Importance of Recycling
  • Comply with Local, National & International Regulations and exceed performance
  • Carbon Footprint Initiator
  • Be part of Basel Convention in controlling Hazardous & Focussed Materials Movement
  • Protect our ONLY Planet and provide Better Environment, Health & Safety for EVERYONE
  • Keep Strong Ethics in everything WE DO!
Benefits to Valued Clients

Innovative, Economic, Trusted and Responsible Reverse Supply Chain Management solution of all kind of EEE-Waste