Recycling is not our business: but our Passion

Toxic White into Living Green

White Goods Recycling

White goods are large domestic appliances used for routine chores. They contain significant amounts of renewable, non-renewable and valuable materials. Recycling keeps these materials in the economy.

Environmentally friendly recycling white goods involves firstly removing any hazardous materials such as CFC gases, chemicals and or heavy metals. Recycling white goods diverts large waste items such as cooling equipment, dryers, washing machine, dish washer, freezers from landfill and can help prevent toxic materials entering into the environment.

Vans Chemistry's White goods recycling facility able to provide complete product life cycle journey which includes shredding and sorting into various fractions such as metals, plastics and insulation foams. The extracted individual fractions can directly be returned in the economic cycle

The plant is the most efficient and advanced in India – it sets a new standard in recycling & recovering of White goods waste

White Goods Recycling