Recycling has to be part of life and hence it has to be part of education…


VANS Chemistry is concerned about the society and its environment, to protect the environment at all the times and to limit the environmental and health impact:

  • VANS recognize the importance of following the best available practices.
  • A socially and environmentally responsible recycling company and each operating system are expected to be the same.
  • Our appropriate procedures and control methods limits the risk and reduces the environmental impact on common resources.
  • Our best practices in business make a significant contribution to sustainable development of the industry and society.

Need to transform the informal & invisible e-Waste management sectors; Vans advocates and take leadership position to

  • stop illegal dumping through e-Waste awareness events
  • diverting e-Waste from landfills through the Take Back Program
  • educating the Public at Collection Events; and
  • provide require knowledge to students through our specific students program- "STAY IN GREEN"

VANS Chemistry strongly believes that "Clean India" starts from home.

  • Homes and offices are increasingly exploring and using Electrical and Electronic products that causes 2-10 times of higher indoor pollution than the outdoor; and
  • Surveys have found that 6 out of 10 homes are hazardous and affects occupant's health.

Vans Chemistry conducts free awareness workshops that emphasize the importance of individual responsibility in protecting the environment and preserve natural resources.

VANS Chemistry strongly believes that "Clean India" starts from home.

Vans Chemistry encourages and invites all stake holders including general public to attend the free awareness sessions and answering

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