Take, Make, Use, Throw is not sustainable in Circular economy

Resource Recovery

Vans Chemistry will be the first provider of an end-to-end solution in recovery and refining of precious, base metals and rare earth elements in India, closing the loop in the ICT industry

State-of-the-art Technology for E-Resource Recycling and Metals Recovery & Refining

e-Waste Recycling has immense environmental benefits. Besides saving energy and limiting carbon emissions, reusing and recycling electronics also reduces the amount of natural resources consumed by making new ones

Sophisticated recycling technologies provide cleaner and more complete separation of glass, metals and plastics, which increases the potential for reuse of these materials in new products.

VANS Chemistry provides end-to-end solution through its innovative technology whereby it achieves complete recycling and recovery which leads towards zero lanfill.

Resource Recovery
Data Destruction