E-Waste is not Waste but a great RESOURCE & VALUE

if we recycle using "Right Technology & Environmentally Friendly Chemistry"


VANS Chemistry brings world class facility at your doorstep. VANS CHEMISTRY will cater to the needs of zero-landfill e-Waste management with its facility in Bangalore. Services that are available at present cater to secure handling of data storage devices and other sensitive electronics devices which needs to be handled by a trusted partner.

VANS facility provides services such as,

  • Segregation and Separation
  • Integrated IP Protection and Mechanical Destruction
  • Integrated Analytical Laboratory
  • Precious Metals Recovery & Refining
  • Base Metals Recovery & Refining
  • CRT/LED Recycling
  • Cable Recycling
  • Lamp Recycling
  • Battery Recycling
  • Integrated Pollution Control Systems
  • Customized Consultancy solution through our R&D and Engineering